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Hey there, nice to be a guest here! I’m Lika and I’m based in Italy. With this small article I’ll provide you with some insights from my simple point of view living in this country during quarantine.

Covid-19 in Italy

"I’ve been so lucky to have a professional singer as my neighbor!"

As media portrayed, the region Toscana had been quite good at mobilization and prevention of the spread of COVID-19. The outbreak started from the northern regions but in a few days the whole country had been qualified as a red zone. After the announcement we’ve had just one night to move to a chosen destination, where we were supposed to spend our quarantine time. Feelings of fear, worries and confusions were occurring on many faces. Streets of lively cities suddenly became totally empty. Unfamiliar silence increased the feel of panic. That was my very first impression and reaction to the trouble in Italy. But desperation didn’t last too long. For the Italian nation, famous for its busy social lifestyle spending a lot of time with friends, #stayhome has been a huge challenge. It has been quite difficult for the government to convince its citizens to not leave homes. Mayors appealed very emotionally to people and begged to not leave homes unless for necessity. However, that was just the beginning. After the introduction of some strict measures (such as fees) the situation quickly became more stable. Now they are showing their best and they are respecting general recommendations - more or less.

Regardless the whole change of habits, people are doing their best to overcome the negativity of the daily news and they’re trying not to lose their characteristic optimism. Resilience is the way to be. During the walks towards supermarkets, I listen from windows how they interact with each other showing their usual humor and positivity. Despite the silence along the city, you can feel the Italian mood when they start singing and playing instruments from their balconies. Personally, I’m not able to play a role in these free concerts, but I’ve been so lucky to have a professional singer as my neighbor. As soon as she starts singing Campanian folk melodies, I’m ready to instantly open my windows and enjoy the show. Hopefully she will read this article and I’d like to use this opportunity to say sorry for never singing with her: it is just because I don’t want to damage the reputation of the Italian temperament. :D

Working Remotely

"Morning’s routine is most likely going to shape the productivity of our day."

It’s already the 24th day of quarantine and I have completely changed my plans: neither I can travel to my homeland (Georgia) nor I can visit my friends in Germany, because all the scheduled flights are canceled. That’s quite sad but I see it like just a matter of time and I shift these plans to autumn. The bright side is that I have now enough time to invest in nice activities and organize my home tasks.

As a freelancer I’ve worked from home even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The first part of my day hasn’t changed at all. Therefore, I can share some of my home office best practices which can contribute to your productivity: Morning’s routine is most likely going to shape the productivity of our day. That’s why I try to be strictly disciplined in morning habits: I arrange myself properly, get ready, and have a nice breakfast. Lately, especially during the quarantine, I’ve started to stop working in sweatpants or pajamas on the couch and I dress like I would go to the office instead. I add my fav perfume, jewelry pieces and it all gives me a signal that there’s no time to be lazy. Before starting, I create a TO DO list of the day: it gives me a direction and helps to stay focused on the tasks.

Since I live with my boyfriend and we are very aware about the increasing Divorce Rate after Chinese quarantine, we decided to minimize the chances and split up in different rooms. We only date each other for breakfast, lunch, tea times and in the evenings, granting us a sufficient dose of private space during work! :D. I’m aware that not every job can be transformed in home office: you can’t provide hairstyle service, repair silks from home etc., but you have now some extra time to create your own „corona projects“ (see project ideas in the next section). Make the best out of the worst!

Quarantine life: opportunity to enjoy little things

After I’m done with “To Do” tasks, I prepare myself for home arrangements. Quarantine made

me a frequent user of Pinterest recipes: I’m now often baking cakes and pancakes and preparing many different (hopefully) tasty meals. I’m creating more content for social media or following some online courses/workshops for topics I’m interested in. After all of this, it’s time to chill: drinking wine, skype-calling family and friends, Netflix, etc. Like the rest of the world, I help overloading the streaming infrastructure.

Ah, I almost forgot. Before I move to the couch I have very critical moment: time to workout. Since I can’t go to the gym, I’m forced (ok, my mirror motivates me) to do workouts at home. Damn, my bf ordered every kind of sport equipment needed for home and I no longer have any excuses. By the way, if you want to spend just 10 minutes for sport, but being effective at the same time, I can recommend you to check out Workouts by Pamela.

Discover your creativity, learn new skills or stay updated in you field

So many Online Course platforms (and not only) started to support communities and encourage #stayhome mind habit. They give us a great possibility to discover our creativity, new hobbies, to learn new skills or just to stay updated in our field for free! I list here my favourites:

  • edX - courses of many universities

  • Skillshare - focused on creativity and free for 2 months

  • Scholarships Corner - courses of many universities

  • Nikon - they have now free photography courses until the end of April (whether or not you own a Nikon, of course). That is a great opportunity to learn how to shoot eye catching pictures for your social media platforms (and not only) or just to take your photography to the next level.

It can’t be difficult to stay home if we observe it as an opportunity and involve ourselves in creativity. I hope that I shared some insightful informations with you! I’m excited to read other blogposts and to know how you are spending your time in quarantine

#ShareisCare #StayHomeSaveLives

Love from italy

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